About Us

We believe that the most important thing in life is to feel good in every sense of the word! That is why we decided to make available – right here in the youngest country on Earth – products with innovative antimicrobial technology that enhance people’s well-being in everyday life.

Shortly after returning to live permanently in New Zealand in 2017, we needed cookware, specifically cooking utensils, pots and pans. We knew that copper has very special qualities. What we found was that these qualities, principally excellent antimicrobial features, were not being promoted in the store. As a result, a very exciting journey began to unfold! 

A deep appreciation of the New Zealand family lifestyle, the belief that well-being can be an everyday experience for everyone, and the knowledge that copper yarn is used in the manufacture of superior garments and textiles, inspired us to develop FITZ GREAT.

Fitz Great offers innovative antimicrobial socks and textiles

for people who value superior protection for their everyday well-being.

Family Cycling in Woods

Feel good from your FEET to your HEART

Supporting Kiwi kids in need

Since we are parents we really feel for those kids that are less fortunate. Although we are a small family business, we wanted to contribute in some way on a regular basis.



Each month we choose a cause that helps kiwi kids to live better lives. We donate the equivalent of number of products sold during the month in dollars.


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