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Our B2B Clients

Providing antimicrobial high-performing socks to your employees is an innovative way to show that you care about their well-being. Hence, delivering a positive image to all your stakeholders.  

Car Repair
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The Trade Supporter

BNT sees the value in supplying Fitz Great socks to its workforce for making sure they are being well taken care of. 

Workers, such as mechanics and factory workers, spend most of their working hours on their feet. They have to deal with sweaty feet, irritations, swelling, and other foot ailments, which jeopardizes their overall well-being. 

High-Tech Socks

To keep BNT employees' feet in top condition to make the most of intense activities, we suggested Fitz Great's High-tech socks since it's a well-fitted sock that keeps feet protected, comfortable and healthy due to its features:

  • Merino wool for keeping feet breathable.

  • Eliminates bad odours.

  • Keeps skin irritations and infections at bay.

  • Extra cushion protection.

  • Elastic arch to prevent ridedown.

  • Long lasting effects. 

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