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Copper and Zinc Benefits

Copptech technology



Do you have to struggle with feet infections, irritations or other unpleasant conditions, such as smelly feet? Did you know that these ailments are caused by germs that live on your skin?

Did you know that copper can kill germs? And zinc can help to speed up the skin´s healing process? 

Our socks are certified to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi by using a certified formulation of copper and zinc - Copptech® - that keeps bad odours, irritation, and skin infections away.

Copptech® is a patented technology that consists of a scientifically balanced combination of copper and zinc. Both elements have widely proven antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria, fungi and mites. 

Upon contact with humidity, such as sweat, Copptech® technology releases copper and zinc ions, which penetrate microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, and fungi), altering and eliminating their vital functions.

COPPER (oxides)

Copper has a biocide property, capable of killing viruses, bacteria and fungi. Copper is the only metal that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its antimicrobial properties, which permanently sanitize the products in which it is incorporated.


ZINC (oxides)

Zinc has antimicrobial properties and it helps to speed up the skin’s healing process.




Copper and zinc salts are incorporated in the yarn at molecular level.

Germ Free

Our certifications guarantee that our technology destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Odour Management

Reduces odours caused by bacteria and fungus.

Long Lasting

Copper and zinc salts are incorporated in the yarn at molecular level meaning they will not leach.

Skin Healing Properties

Both copper and zinc have beneficial attributes for the skin, which helps improving its texture, tone and healing process.

Natural and Eco-friendly

Copper and zinc are natural for the body and EPA approved.

Copper Outperforms Silver

Silver has limited antimicrobial effect as it doesn´t oxidize easily and requires either high humidity or moisture to be effective. Copper is not poisonous and works across all temperatures.



People face several problems due to the effects of bacteria across different products.

Common problems, such as, bad odours, irritation and skin infections are caused by bacteria and fungi.

(US National Library of Medicine, 2009)


Underwear is highly exposed to bacteria such as E. Coli which can´t be eliminated just by regular machine washing.

(University of Arizona, 2014)


The University of Arizona (2008) found new different types of bacteria in people’s shoes that live longer than in other places!


25% of people are likely to have athlete's foot at any one time in their lives. The infection can spread to other parts of the body, and to other people.

(US National Library of Medicine, 2009)


Bacteria and the 500 ml of sweat that is produced daily, on average, by every foot (Australia DHHS, 2015) are the causes of smelly socks. The bad odour impregnated in clothing, especially socks, is caused by a bacteria that breaks down the sweat and releases the bad odour.



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