Jason Williams, Builder

I was fed up with the smell and short life of socks ... Until I wore these socks 5 days in a row with no smell!

I highly recommend as superior. 


Welly Xiao,


I recommend these socks because they are comfortable when I am wearing them and work well with super great breathable technology for people like me who has sweaty feet.

Image by Roland Denes

Javier Prado,

CRM Manager

They are comfortable during use, not too tight not too loose; my feet seem to like them :)

Perfect fit and a material innocuous to my feet skin.

Image by Alex Suprun

Mike Johnston, Owner

Automotive Services

The high-tech sock is amazing since it keeps our feet comfortable and warm without overheating during the cold months. The sport socks have also provided good temperature control in the warmer season. We also love the fact that they fit very well, and they do not lose their shape after washing them. They are wonderfully comfortable! I definitely recommend them.

Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Jason Crang, Packaging Specialist

I was looking for a pair of socks that would keep feet warm when walking long distances in between fishing spots.

These socks are noticeably less sweaty after a full day hiking around the rivers.  They are very comfortable, warm and breathe.

Some of our customers sharing their experiences wearing our germ killing socks.