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 High-Tech sock

A well-fitted, durable, sock that keeps your feet protected, comfortable and healthy to make the most of your intense activities and outdoor adventures. It is designed for wearing with boots and tough shoes. The thick cushioning protects the whole foot from friction while its elastic knitting into the arch and ankle prevents the sock slipping into the boot.


Using Merino wool and a certified formulation of copper and zinc (Copptech® yarn) it keeps bad odours, irritation and skin infections away, as well as providing thermoregulation and breathability.


Product details

  • Mid-calf length.

  • Merino wool for extra warmth and keeping your feet breathable.

  • Keep skin irritations and infections at bay.

  • Eliminate bad odours.

  • Curly knit inside the sock for extra cushion protection.

  • Long lasting effects.

  • Designed in New Zealand.



  • 40% Merino Wool

  • 40% Acrylic

  • 9% Copptech yarn

  • 9% Nylon

  • 2% Spandex


Washing instructions

For maximum product life, consider the following:

  • Machine wash maximum temperature 40°C.

  • Do not iron.

  • Can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

  • Do not dry clean.

  • Do not use softener.

High Tech Sock.png

$25.95 NZD (incl. GST)

Colour: Grey

Sizes (US/NZ):  6-8    9-10   11-12

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