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 Low Cut Sport Sock - 3 pairs pack

A well-fitted sock that keeps your feet comfortable and healthy to make the most of your sports or everyday activities. Using a certified formulation of copper and zinc (Copptech® yarn) it keeps bad odours, irritation and skin infections away.


Product details

  • Designed in New Zealand.

  • Ankle height.

  • Keep skin irritations and infections at bay.

  • Eliminate bad odours.

  • Long lasting effects – less washing!.

  • Breathable knit to promote sweat evaporation.

  • Elastic arch to prevent ridedown...

Technology Sport socks short cut 2

$29.95 NZD (incl. GST)

Colour: Black

Sizes (US/NZ): 6-8   9-10   11-12

Size Chart

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  • 68% Cotton.

  • 20% Copptech Yarn.

  • 9% Nylon.

  • 3% Spandex.


Washing instructions

For maximum product life, consider the following:

  • Machine wash maximum temperature 40°C.

  • Do not iron.

  • Can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

  • Do not dry clean.

  • Do not use softener.

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